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Billy Bailey
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Huntsville, TX

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The Huntsville, TX team of Modular Homes Texas is proud to function as the area’s leading “Super Center” for manufactured and modular homes. Our team of motivated and experienced sales professionals is thrilled for the opportunity to help every one of our customers find a home that works for their land and budget.

We take the time to get to know every customer we serve so we can help them find the right home for the right price. Modular Homes Texas has cultivated a reputation as the most trusted leading seller of manufactured and modular homes in the state, and we’d be happy to prove our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction to you.

Reach out to the Huntsville Modular Homes Texas team for more information or fill out the contact form below. Provide your contact information, and let us know the best time for one of our team members to call you.

The Modular Homes Texas team in Huntsville, TX offers the highest quality manufactured and modular homes to landowners and home buyers in the Huntsville area. The Modular Homes Texas family has nearly 40 years of experience in building, selling, and insuring modular and manufactured homes in Texas. This long record of success is built on two main aspects of our business: our unwavering commitment to quality and our dedication to providing the best customer experiences possible.

If you’re interested in buying or building the right home for the right price, now is the right time to call Modular Homes Texas in Huntsville. We have offices and team members throughout Texas to help landowners and home and land buyers find exactly what they need within their budgets. While Modular Homes Texas operates in the Lone Star State, you can find our mark of quality all over the country. The manufactured and modular homes we sell are the pinnacle of quality in our industry.

We are able to sell high-quality homes at an incredible value thanks to our unique manufacturing process. All our manufactured homes come from our state-of-the-art, environmentally protected construction centers. These facilities allow us to ensure consistency and quality in our products, and our customers and partners know they can rely on our brand. This building process is a benefit to our customers as well since it drastically cuts down on building time. After the land is prepared for construction, our homes arrive to their building sites 80-90% completed. Our teams will then assemble the home, attach it to the foundation, and apply all the necessary finishing touches.

Our manufactured and modular homes are available in a variety of options so our customers can have the home of their dreams for the right price. Many of our customers are landowners already looking to build a home, and we offer countless manufactured home options. Choose from one of our many floor plan options and enjoy the mark of quality our brand was built upon, or choose a modular home and start designing the perfect space. Whether you need a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a mudroom, office space, a media center, or any other special layout requirements, we’re confident you will find a configuration that works for your needs and budget.

Our customers also have their choice of countless finishing options, including tiling, backsplashes, floor coverings, paint, and much more. We don’t simply build houses – we empower our customers to build the exact houses they want, with all the options they need to turn them from houses into homes. For our clients in a rush to move or who simply don’t want to bother with the hassle of designing and building, we have many active listings in the Huntsville, TX area and throughout Texas.

While other construction companies are generally accustomed to building many houses in a small area using the same crews working from the same building plans, our focus and specialty is working one-on-one with clients on their custom home building jobs. If you already own land in the Huntsville area or want to find the perfect spot to build a home, we can help. Reach out to the Modular Homes Texas team in Huntsville, TX today to get started. We can also refer you to any of our other teams in the state if necessary. Stop wasting time, money, and frustration hunting through houses that aren’t what you really want, and call Modular Homes Texas to start designing the home of your dreams today.


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